Mission and Vision

The COMMON exists to reveal and reflect the love of Christ through the teaching of the GOSPEL and he evidence of renewed individuals. Our goal is to reproduce faithful followers of Christ through discipleship and deploy them as leaders wii the Body of Christ.

We believe in plurality of leadership at the COMMON. At every level throughout the COMMON, we make decisions in community. We are a eeking to lead by clearly hearing from God together.

  • Staff - Our staff run the day to day ministry and operation of the church.
  • Elders - Our body of elders guard and oversee the church.
  • Deacons - Our deacons serve both inside and outside the church by making sure necessary ministry get accomplished.


Community Pastor


Missions Pastor

Renardo Baker

Worship Pastor

Cynthia Dowdy

Kids Zone Coordinator

Jazymne Hunt

Visual & Media Director

Jetaun Quarles

Email: media@common432.com

Administrative Assistant

Email: admin@common432.com

Preaching Visionary Pastor

Broderick Connesero

Email: bconnesero@lhchurch.com

Pastor of Operations